DISTRIBUTOR BELT PVC AND PU Habasit transport and preparing belts offer a huge assortment of utilization driven cover materials and surface structures in a few industry-appropriate tones. The materials and plans are chosen to adapt to a wide scope of utilization prerequisites, including protection from wear or compound specialists, and to high or low temperatures. Moreover, they keep up magnificent pressure strain conduct using painstakingly chosen pressure individuals.


While the expression “transport line” is utilized for belts that pass on products starting with one point then onto the next, the name “preparing belts” is utilized for belts that additionally satisfy key capacities in the assembling cycle. Average instances of handling belts incorporate printing covers for material printing, or prepress belts in molecule board creation.

Habasit’s transport line determination incorporates many various belts to fulfill application prerequisites that range from straight-slanted or declined tasks, to collection and diverters, to swan neck (Z) transports, and various different necessities. We offer a wide assortment of strain individuals and cover materials, just as underlying passing on and running-side examples to enhance your framework’s exhibition. You can depend on Habasit transport lines for arrangements and upgrades across an immense range of utilizations.


Habasit gives a broad food transport and preparing belt range highlighting top notch covering materials appropriate for all advanced food measures. These belts offer superb delivery properties for a wide range of tacky groceries, joined with refined compound opposition against current cleaning specialists. Our belts offer exceptional execution and a predominant help life, just as full consistence with EU and FDA guidelines.

Extraordinarily intended for the food business, these transport and handling belts contain an antimicrobial added substance that forestalls the development of deterioration miniature living beings on the belt surface. The antimicrobial added substance stays successful even in territories that are hard to clean. It doesn’t influence the flavor of the staple passed on.

Against microbially Equipped Belts

Because of the assortment of guidelines in power in various business sectors, Habasit offers a decision of belt ranges, with added substances suitable to each set of necessities:


The added substance is FDA and EPA affirmed for use in direct food contact materials, for example, transport lines, and can in this manner be utilized in the USA and Canada.


This is JFRL passed. The added substance is FDA and EPA affirmed for use in direct food contact materials, for example, transport lines, and can consequently be utilized in the USA and Canada.


All materials utilized meet EU Directive 10/2011.

Habasit P line polyester and polyolefin belts meet all current tobacco industry prerequisites, for example, pyrolysis opposition and food endorsement. They likewise add to diminishing pollution through their boss delivery and simple cleaning properties. Our P-line belts have a long assistance life considerably under troublesome conditions, and are appeared to contribute altogether to improved plant productivity.

Habasit is the world’s driving printing cover maker. Our top notch printing covers are notable for their magnificent quality and high dependability. They are utilized for level screen, rotational and ink-fly machines, just as for printing tables. Habasit printing covers guarantee high printing exactness, fast establishment, and usability.

Habasit crosslapper belts meet all the prerequisites of present day web-laying machines in the nonwovens business. The belts are known on the lookout for their brilliant quality and high dependability. They are accessible in widths of up to 4000 mm, open arranged or made unending. The belts give superb delivery properties to the fiber web, with short establishment and start-up occasions, and an astounding value/esteem proportion.

Wood handling machines require hearty and exact modern belting. Famous in the board and board industry, Habasit’s deaeration, shaping and prepressing belts offer the best arrangements. From strong wood handling to mechanical furniture fabricating, to creation lines of a wide range of designed wood items, Habasit belts fulfill the most aggressive application needs.

For tire building, cooling and taking care of, Habasit offers a particular scope of transport and handling belts. These convey brilliant temperature and synthetic opposition, joined with prevalent delivery properties and scraped area obstruction. We give customized belting answers for the elastic and tire producing enterprises that fulfill the most noteworthy guidelines of value and unwavering quality.

Habasit offers progressed upkeep free belts that need no oil. Habasit Fitline treadmill belts run liberated from any wax-related form ups on decks or pulleys, and give low and steady energy utilization. Clients likewise benefit from their astounding following, high dimensional soundness and solidness, and appealing appearance.

Habasit offers a total scope of PVC transport lines adjusting to ISO 340 fire resistant prerequisites and testing techniques. Every one of these belts are likewise antistatic prepared and intended to diminish running commotion. The fundamental utilization of these items is in air terminals and strategic applications. The various mixes of surface attributes, structures and strength classes accessible guarantee a high-performing and dependable answer for each prerequisite.

Habasit punching belts are uncommonly intended for astounding oil opposition, mechanical steadiness, and scraped area obstruction, making them amazingly sturdy and dependable. The scratch opposition of the belt surfaces is a key component, prompting a more drawn out belt administration life, less personal time, and diminished expenses.

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